Transforming Disability…

Creating Possibility!

Our Mission

The J Rodie Hope Alliance is committed to transforming limitations surrounding our youth with disabilities into unlimited possibilities!

Focusing on youth with any type of disability, from Cerebral Palsy to blindness, spinal deformities or injuries to amputees, we believe every child has a right to live a fuller, active, happier life and create their own powerful impact on the world!

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Here’s how we create those unlimited possibilities!

Hope Alliance & Gears Auto Sales

The J Rodie Hope Alliance drives success in the lives of Arizonan children with disabilities through corporate gifts, donations, and volunteers. Our largest driver of success is our vehicle donation program and partnership with Gears Auto Sales.

Gears Auto Sales turns our vehicle donation program into the capital we need at no charge, enabling us to provide our athletes with personal trainers, adaptive equipment, travel accommodations to Paralympic sports events, and keep our lights on!

The result? In 2018, our disabled youth athletes brought home multiple national gold medals and two new national records!

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Sponsored Athletes

Our Videos

Watch how we are making a difference in the Arizona community.

One billion people…

One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability. Disability prevalence is higher in developing countries. One-fifth of the estimated global total (between 110 million and 190 million people) experience significant disabilities.

“ Don’t Dis My Ability ”

The J Rodie Hope Alliance is a 501-C3 organization committed to driving success in the lives of children who just happen to have a disability.

We believe, and have proven, through physical, mental, and spiritual support, we can help Arizonian children with a disability create unlimited possibilities in sport, school, and life!

All gifts given to the J Rodie Hope Alliance are tax-deductible opportunities and 91% of all gifts go directly to supporting our youth disability programs. From training in the gym with a certified personal trainer who specializes in working with people with disabilities, to nutrition and supplementation support, to adaptive athletic equipment, and travel expenses to compete at disability sporting events, the J Rodie Hope Alliance is committed to Driving Success in the lives of children living with a disability.

We believe in living life

Without Limits

But what if you woke up completely disabled…

Now forever needing a wheelchair… Being totally blind without sight… or losing both your legs.

What would you do? Would this put limitations on your life?

Adaptive sports, training and team community is helping disabled children break free from these limitations…

Reach Out Today…

Make a difference, help disabled children in Arizona with the J Rodie Hope Alliance.